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The Wilderness Lodge and Hot Springs


Lodge and area photos

Our Old West corner of southwestern New Mexico has it all: Glorious mountains, rugged high desert, clear-running rivers and four gentle seasons to enjoy while hiking, relaxing and more.

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Our Lodge is cozy and laid back, with room to stretch out and relax with friends and family.

The Lodge is perfect for joyous family and group activities, including weddings.

Meals are a great chance to meet and make friends.

Make the Lodge your base camp for activities in the Wilderness, in Silver City and in Grant County.

Our shady lawns are great for group parties and dinners.

Our terrific climate makes outdoor activities comfortable virtually every day of the year.

Our geothermally heated hot pools are a great way relax after a day in the Gila Wilderness.

Our two pools are fed by the nearby Gila Hot Springs.

The pools are a secluded spot to relax.

The hot pools are comfortable all year.

Our gardens provide restful surroundings...

...but some nosiy splashing is OK, too.

You won’t find a better way to relax in the Gila!

The Cliff Dwellings, just 4 miles away, were occupied more than 700 years ago.

The Cliff Dwellings’ southern exposure keeps them warm in the winter.

The dwellings are an easy walk from the park trail head.

The Hoodoos stand guard over the Gila River.

During the summer, many of your meals’ vegetables come from our gardens.

Petroglyphs in the area depict animals, humans and fanciful animal/human images.

Petroglyphs remind us that the Gila River basin has been occupied for more than 1000 years.

Petroglyphs in our area date from approximately 500 AD.

We’re surrounded by more than 3.3 million acres of wilderness.

Try a splash in the Gila River on a hot day!

Many warm- and hot-springs are nearby, but use caution: They can be very hot!

One of the Gila’s greatest swimming holes.

Despite our very arid climate, the Gila River is a year-round resource.

The Gila is great for fisherman of all ages.